Long time passing

We thought you might enjoy Edible Manhattan‘s look back at the Automat; we did.

One of our great regrets is that we can’t take our tour guests for a spin through an Automat.

Alas, the last one closed in 1991.

But they remain alive in our memory. There were two or three remaining when we arrived in New York in 1982, and we managed to grab lunch at one (though just once, to our undying regret).

By the time of our visit, the Automats were pretty dismal spots, attracting more destitute unfortunates than working Joes and Jills. We don’t recall much about the food we ate that day, which leads us to believe it must have been fine, if unexceptionable (surely we’d recall if it had been truly objectionable).

Still, we can proudly state that we once ate at an Automat, something that many tens of thousands of newer New Yorkers, not to mention the tourists who flock to our great city by the millions, are unable to claim, so that’s of small comfort.

Silents are golden

If you’re going to be in NYC anytime over the next thirteen weeks, be sure to set your Monday evenings aside for a special treat.

Every Monday evening through February 6, Film Forum, NYC’s terrific repertory theatre, is featuring an acclaimed silent movie from the MGM vaults. The festival opens tonight with the King Vidor classic The Crowd, to be followed by Ben-Hur, Greta Garbo in Flesh and the Devil, Lillian Gish in The Wind, and other not-to-be-missed classics.

If you’ve never seen a silent picture in a theatre with live musical accompaniment, well, take it from us—you’ve never seen a silent picture.

Visit the Film Forum website for the complete schedule.

A Day of Gratitude

On a stroll up Fifth Avenue this morning, as the preparations were underway for today’s Veterans Day parade, we came across this beaut of a 1938 Packard. The kind gentleman who owns this beautiful car, a proud veteran of the Vietnam War, admired our vintage garb and insisted on taking a picture of us standing by his car.

After chatting a bit about the car (he’s had it 32 years and has done all the restoring of the car himself), we thanked him for his service and for sharing that lovely auto with us and continued on our way.

Here’s to all those who have served in our nation’s armed forces over the years; we truly appreciate your sacrifice and your service.

Pass the stuffing, please

Planning a trip to NYC for Thanksgiving? Man cannot live on floats and giant balloons alone. You’re going to want some turkey and perhaps even some pumpkin pie, no? Don’t fret—the indispensable Manhattan’s User Guide has compiled an extensive list of eateries that will be serving on Thanksgiving; there’s bound to be one near you.

Manhattan User's Guide logo

A bright light too soon extinguished

If you knew Diane Naegel, the doyenne of NYC’s vintage community, you’ll most definitely not want to miss this event, and if you didn’t have the pleasure of having Diane in your life, “Night Owls” may give you just a wee taste of what you missed.

Either way, we encourage you to come commemorate and celebrate a life well lived.